Build Your Band

How do you start a band?

  • Find Members. We can’t really improve on friends & family, craigslist and Bandmix, so we’ll assume you already have the people together.
  • Choose Material.  As songs are suggested, Bandamin lets you upload and/or list the songs in a ‘proposed’ list.  As they’re chosen to work on you change the status to ‘selected.’ Bandamin stores the key you’ve chosen, helps you find lyrics and lets you keep notes on arrangement decisions.  Once on Bandamin, band members can play songs right on the site, download individual MP3’s, or download all material.
  • Schedule Rehearsals. Bandamin’s calendar defaults make scheduling a rehearsal a three click process. You can attach songs to the rehearsal so everyone knows what they need to learn.  A link to Google calendar lets you share, send reminders, and access your calendars without needing access to Bandamin.
  • Track Progress. Each song has a status of Listed, Scheduled, Rehearsed and Ready. At any time, you can tell at a glance how far you’ve come and how far you have to go before your ready for the next step, Booking Your Band.