Book Gigs

There are lots of sites that allow unknown bands to apply to play at major festivals for a fee.  Festivals book bands who can draw people, so we can’t help but be skeptical. In the real world, here’s how it goes.

  • Find Venues and Events. Bandamin stores information on Venues, Events and Booking Contacts.  They’re linked, so you can see who books what festival, and what application deadlines are approaching. Although you’ll still have to do the research, Bandamin makes it as easy as possible by letting you import Google contacts and search for nearby venues using Google Places.
  • Contact Bookers. This is notoriously the hardest part.  You’ve got to make several contacts before expecting a reply.  Bandamin tracks who you’ve contacted and when, and can automatically follow up via email.
  • Book The Gig. Bandamin maintains free/busy information for each band member, with links to Google calendar. No more texting everybody when you’re offered a date.
  • Advance The Gig. Keep your stage plot and input list in Bandamin, along with the contact to send it to, and this just takes a few clicks.  If that’s not easy enough, Bandamin will remind you that you have a gig to advance.  Bandamin links to Google Maps for directions and travel time so you’ll get there in time for load-in.

Now all you have to do is Fill The House.